Dunny Point – Pearl of Gujarat

Dunny Point, an amazing place to stay away from the city in peace & solitude. Presenting from my POV. [DECEMBER 2013 Trip]

Dunny point on the map. To visit the island, you have to take a boat ride from Bet Dwarka.

Reaching Dunny Point

The only way to reach Dunny Point is through a boat.

Hello Dunny Point

It’s really peaceful and you rarely see any people around, other than your group.

Quiescent waters

It’s just you, beach & infinite water.

Sunset at Dunny Point

Sunsets are amazing

Milky Way

Tried my hands on milky way. Understood the importance of light pollution.

Catamaran Sail Boat

The only sail boat owned by a Gujarati at that time.

Fishing Boat

Locked up!

Sunrise at Dunny point

Sunrises are amazing too!

Fishing Boat

They have an amazing life at sea.

Gulls at Dunny point

Flock of gulls just wander around.

Eco tents at Dunny point

These tents are amazing.

Hovercraft Indian Coast Guard

Hovercraft of Indian Coast Guard!

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